Statement @ omni

Statement @ Omni


At omnifurnishing we do our best to show a wide range of unique pieces and styles that are just that little bit different. When you're looking for something you won't see anywhere else you should check out some of the following ranges:


Reclaim your home!

For over twenty years we have been passionate about selling reclaimed furniture! Unique designs and quality craftsmanship making a new life for recycled timber.

No matter your'e green credentials we're sure you'll find a place in your home for reclaimed.





 omnifurnishing is an official stockist of YASK furniture, we have a selection of their fantastic pieces on display in our Minto Street showroom. YASK currently offers over 20 different ranges of solid European oak bespoke furniture. Their pieces offer the ultimate choice in customisable options. Tables and other pieces can be built to a huge range of sizes ensuring they will fit the space you have available. The furniture can come in a large variety of finishes, meaning you'll have no difficulty matching the pieces to your decor. Sideboards are very versatile in terms of whether you want them to have doors, drawers or be open faced. YASK is the ultimate collection for the customer who knows what they want and mean to get it!


 For further information on the products offer by YASK please visit us at our Minto Street showroom or call us on 0131 657 9777. You can also click on the above picture to see information on some of the available pieces.














 Fresh on the walls of our Milton Road West showroom we're displaying a range of paintings, prints and collages in a variety of styles. From pop culture to abstract we'll have something to suit your tastes, including some limited edition pieces! All the artwork we show is available to buy and take away immediately!

So if you're looking to freshen up the look of your home come visit us at Minto Street, give us a call on 0131 657 977 for more info. Also click on the adjacent image to see some of the pieces on offer.










  omnifurnishing has a selection of Loft Collection occasional pieces on display at its Minto Street store. Sporting a distinctive industrial look along with some unique features it's well worth investigating if you're looking for something that's a little different.

Click on the adjacent image for details on available products, sizes and prices. Give us a call on 0131 657 9777 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.








  omnifurnishing has several pieces of FAMA upholstery on display at Minto Street. FAMA offers a wide range of sofas, recliners, swivel rocking chairs and other quality products. There's a huge range of fabrics to choose from, which can be utilised in a variety of combinations- giving you a wide range of options to match to your preferred colour scheme. On top of this FAMA has several modular sofas offering a range of size options- ensuring that you'll be able to find something that'll fit perfectly into your home!

For more information on the FAMA ranges please contact us on 0131 657 9777. Please click on the adjacent image to see a list of FAMA products available.







 omnifurnishing has a large selection of pieces from the distinctive Goa Reclaimed range on display at our Minto Street store. Each item is handcrafted from recycled wood, the paint on the pieces is distressed to form an individual finish. This means that each item of furniture from this range that you see at our showroom is a genuine  unique article- you won't see anything quite like it anywhere else! With this in mind all our Goa pieces are available immediately, either to take away or to be delivered by us at your convenience.

For further information on the Goa range don't hesitate to call us on 0131 657 9777 or visit us at Minto Street. Also click on the adjacent image for a list of products available.






TCH furniture offers a unique choice of quality furniture finished with a choice wood and painted finishes. The choice of options makes their ranges second to none! Made from European oak in Lithuania to the highest environmental and manufacturing standards.


The TCH ranges we feature are : Coelo, Reims, Windsor and Quercia.