Ypsillon Dining Table

Ypsillon Dining Table

Possible delivery methods: Edinburgh City (non build), Collection at Minto Street Store, Nationwide Delivery, Glasgow City, EH Non City, FK Postcodes, TD Postcodes, KY Postcodes

The Yask Ypsillon Dining Table is constructed from solid European oak that retains the striking look of natural wood. It has not been clinically refined to imitate the uniformity of veneered or synthetic finishes. Each finished piece is  unique. All Yask products are manufactured individually for each customer, yet without the price premium and delay normally associated with custom made furniture. A huge variety of options exist in terms of length, width and finish- making it the ultimate in customisable furniture that can fit the space you require and match the decor you need.

. Come visit us to see samples of the huge variety of finishes it is available in, get quotes on prices for the various sizes and answers to any further questions you may have. Alternatively call us on 0131 657 9777. 

Guidelines for basic size options below.

Dimensions (approx)
Description Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)
Mighty Mac 145-505 96/116/129 76.5

Availability: approx 10 to 15 weeks.